Tim Ridley

Hi 👋, my name is Tim and I am the founder of United Baristas

My interests include coffee business and how the industry can develop to become more viable. As a one-time coffee shop proprietor I have first-hand experience of the opportunities and demands and I'm now working to help owners and managers better run their businesses through United Baristas. It's really rewarding work.

I also have a passion to reduce coffee's carbon footprint to help tackle climate change. Coffee is a good example of the inequality at the centre of climate change: it is people like you and I, that make and drink coffee, that are responsible for the vast majority of the carbon emissions; and coffee producers who are impacted by global warming.

My hope is that United Baristas can encourage and equip more coffee people and businesses to take meaningful action to reduce their carbon footprint. And it's my broader ambition that the coffee community will take their customers on the journey too. Coffee has a simple carbon story, but the ideas to reduce coffee's carbon footprint have universal value. Tackling climate change is a massive undertaking and everyone needs to play their part.

Coffee people and businesses use United Baristas in many different ways, I am continually amazed at the community's resourcefulness, ambition and spirt. Find out how you can use United Baristas to do amazing things ☕️⚡️ – you can join in less than 1 min!


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Favourite Coffee
I often enjoy high-altitude coffees from Colombia, as well as Ethiopia and Kenyan coffees. In shops I often drink an oat-milk Macchiato.
Favourite Equipment
  • Victoria Arduino E1 Prima
  • Hario V60
  • Kalita Tsubame
  • Espro Press


United Kingdom


Tim Ridley


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