New in United Baristas Market

Introducing new features to bring buyers and sellers together

The best markets bring people together

United Baristas connects the coffee community

Buy and sell anything, coffee related

Markets are the centre of the community. We love how people gather to buy, sell, socialise and make a living. Our favourite markets around the world are also diverse, eclectic and open to new ideas.

United Baristas Market makes it possible for coffee drinkers, baristas and coffee businesses to buy and sell anything, coffee related.

We invite you make United Baristas Market work for you. Find the ways to sell your wares and buy the items that you need. A dynamic market helps the coffee community to be flexible, better able to tackle challenges and better positioned to take opportunity.

By expanding the scope of the marketplace, United Baristas wants to enabling even more baristas to be better equipped, coffee businesses to thrive and the coffee industry to further lower its environmental impacts.

Buying on United Baristas Market

It’s easier to find what you’re looking for

United Baristas Market introduces new ways browse, search and to find exactly what you are looking for.

Specific Filters are now available in select categories, such as espresso machines, allowing you to refine by

  • Location
  • Group heads
  • Brand
  • Condition

For the coffee community

United Baristas Market includes diverse listing categories, from brewing machines to merchandise, that are useful for the coffee industry and incorporates features that are designed specifically to connect the coffee community.

New notifications

The notifications options allow you to actively monitor United Baristas Market for new and updated listings that match your specific requirements.

Receive email notifications for:

  • new listings in a specific category
  • updates to a specific listing
  • updates from a specific user
  • a specific search

Search result notifications are super-powerful. Get notifications for example:

Click ‘Create Alert’ on any search result and control notification frequency in your account.

Selling on United Baristas Market

Flexible listings

United Baristas Market introduces new listing options so your products can be easily found, showcased and clearly communicated (let us remind you again that listings with comprehensive information sell faster).

Just select the right category, fill in the relevant fields, upload an image and select the listing option that is right for you.

Multiple Currencies + communicate taxes

List and transact in five currencies including

  • British Pounds
  • Euros
  • United States Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Australian Dollars

Plus your listings can now include or excluding taxes, to best reflect the price depending on your location, circumstances and obligations.

Sell securely and offer buyer protections

Provide buyers with security and confidence using payment options. You can offer:

  • Paylax payment escrow
  • PayPal
  • cash on collection
  • cash on delivery

And depending on your item and circumstance you can also offer:

  • bank payment
  • purchase via your website

Introducing Market Stalls

Become a Market Stall Holder

Sell everything coffee related on United Baristas Market with a Market Stall. Designed for regular sellers,

Stall Holders benefit from additional listing features, media allowances and discounts.

  • Listings start from free
  • Up to 50% off Listings with Media Pack and Featured Listings

Set up your stall

Use your Market Stall to both showcase yourself and sell your wares. Market Stalls include:

  • public Market Stall profile
  • be followed by other Market users
  • use images and videos to showcase yourself and your products
  • add your contact details, direct users to your website, social media profiles or customer services
  • display all your Market listings