Everpure MRS 600 ENVI-RO Reverse Osmosis system. High Efficiency/High Volume, used, needs work

JP Updated 28 July 2023
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Used, requires servicing Everpure Black manufactured June 2010 for sale in London


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£250.00 no VAT offers invited gbp

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manufactured June 2010
Used, requires servicing


70 Long Lane
ec1a 9ej

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Everpure MRS-ENVIRO-600 High-Efficiency Reverse-Osmosis water filter system (MRS-600HE). It is working but needs a full service and all filters replaced. Make me an offer, get this for a steal (bearing in mind the cost to get it installed & serviced) Collection only!!! from Tuesday 1 August From EC1A 9EJ

Everpure MRS-ENVIRO-600 Reverse-Osmosis water filter system, needs a full service and all filters replaced, read all of this listing as you'll be required to to spend more that what I expect it to sell for.

You need to collect from EC1A 9EJ, City of London by next Friday 4/8 when it will be taken to the Square Mile Roastery in Walthamstow. If you are a SQM customer in London who normally gets van deliveries, then there may be an option to have it delivered. Otherwise there is NO SHIPPING OPTION, so you just take it away in a car/van, that's the deal. I'm getting a new system installed and just need this gone.

You're still here? Read-on:


OK, first-off, THIS WORKS and it is currently supplying my cafe (Dose) with water as it has been for 12 years. I'm upgrading but this still has life in it. It is a modular system and if a component needs replacing, that can be dine pretty easily. If you need to se it in action, come down before close next Tuesday 1/8/23.

It is in need of: * a new RO membrane (the most expensive bit) * pre & post filters * the cost to get all this done. I have been quoted the following by Genus Water who service Everpure in the UK and who've done this for me for years. I can't guarantee you'd get the same quote, but I'm not on mate's rates with them or anything like that:

Parts: £243.70 + VAT (pre/post filters/conditioners) Labour - £350 + VAT (that's to do a service it in-situ, installation may cost more) Membrane - £476.62 + VAT (that would be good for a couple years - much longer if you install a softener before it - talk to Genus about that)

The pump was replaced in 2019 so should be good for a couple more years at least.

New; it was a beast of a unit. Obviously it is no longer at peak performance. But at up to 78% recovery it is one of the most efficient when in top shape (this means that 22% of water the goes into it goes down the drain - most units you see now under £3.5k have only 50% recovery at best which is s**t). I haven't tested the recovery for a while, but with new filters and membrane, I don't see why it wouldn't be that good again.

It has two outlets, one for blended water - you adjust two dials to change the ratio of pure RO water and filtered hard water for your desired hardness. The other outlet is pure RO, It's too pure (~15-30ppm TDS) to be useful for anything except steam generation, so for combi-ovens.

You need to factor in the cost of the work/parts, but that should still good value for a high-performance commercial RO system. It really needs a new membrane so don't think you can just install it and make-do, you have to factor in the time and cost to get Genus Water (I'm not aware of another company that'll do the work) to get it humming.

Pre-filters (before the main unit) are included: Sediment (for which I'll include the couple of 5µ filters I have left) and Everpure 7F cartridge (needs replacing but the head is included).

If you want to collect from me directly, then Tuesday 1st August afternoon would be best as that is when it's being removed and you can help with that and see with your own eyes how it came of the wall so are better informed about how it goes up at your place. Otherwise, it'll go to Square Mile on Friday and then it will be just a pick-up arrangement, no inspections or anything as they'll just be storing it for me.

It's not actually that complicated to transport or to install; there's the main unit and two pre-filters, water in, waste out; the complicated bit is commissioning and servicing it once it's installed, replacing the filters & membrane and balancing the pressure and recovery which should be done by a qualified technician. If you know how to do all of that, then thus could be a very cheap RO.

Once you have shelled-out that cash, it should give you a good service life. It's a very modular system, almost identical to their current offering, and all parts can be replaced. It's all John Guest 'lego plumbing' inside so very easy to switch things out.

Collection is from Dose, EC1A 9EJ from 1/8-4/8 then out will be at Square Mile Coffee Roasters in Walthamstow for collection by appointment only.

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