Victoria Arduino Black Eagle 2-Group Gravimetric (VA388 T3 S GR2)

JB Updated 07 May 2021

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Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Chrome 2-groups Used in good working condition manufactured May 2017




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16 Neals Yard
United Kingdom

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Selling out trusty Black Eagle after 3 years as we're renovating the premises into more of a food-led operation. Purchased from Square Mile Coffee in 2017 and has been serviced by them ever since (both 6 month preventative and annual services)

This is an espresso machine that deserves to be at the heart of a dedicated, coffee-led operation. Used at the World Barista Championships, this machine was revolutionary when first engineered in that it measured the shot espresso by the weight expressed rather than the volume of water used (gravimetric rather than volumetric) providing a much more consistent shot without having to extract onto a scale on the machine.

Following lockdown three, we've decided to change our coffee shop into more of an extension of our restaruant next door and are downsizing the equipment that we use to a single group machine. We purchased the machine from Square Mile coffee in 2017 and opened to the public in September of that year. Since then, their maintenance team have regularly serviced the machine (and it was descaled just before the 3rd lockdown hit London in December).

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£8000 incl VAT ono GBP

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Josh Blinston Jones
The Palomar

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