Sanremo Verona RS 2 group white

C Updated 18 October 2021

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Sanremo Verona RS White 2-groups Used in good working condition manufactured October 2017




£4000 ex VAT offers invited GBP



Sun St, St Nicholas Arcades, Lancaster LA1, UK
United Kingdom

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Sanremo Verona RS 2 group white 3 years old low usage

We are selling our trusty Sanremo Verona RS. We have had this machine since late 2017 but this cafe was closed through most of 2020 due to the pandemic. It has been serviced regularly and had new water filters fitted regularly and it has also only been used in our quietest cafe so has had an easy life so far.

The RS is a multi boiler machine with separate steam boiler and independent brew boilers. it also has a 3 point temperature stability system where water is pre heated via the steam boiler, then heated in the brew boiler and then there is also an element and thermo couple in the group head itself so that brew temp is as consistent and reliable as possible. It also reads out the real time brewing temp at the group head to 0.1C accuracy.

The RS also has the ideal pre-infusion system where you can set the length of pre-infusion by 0.1 second increments and perfusion happens at just line pressure so it is a proper soft pre-infusion.

For info here is the webpage (and yes that is this exact machine in one of the pics!)

List price for this machine new is £8,990 so this is a great opportunity to get one at less than half the price. This machine has served us well and the only reason we are selling it is because we distribute different machines and need a different model to act as a demo.

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£4000 ex VAT offers invited GBP

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