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Mahlkönig EK43T Used in good working condition




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The EK43 is considered to be the grinder for precision filter or espresso brewing. If you're looking for a grinder that can deliver exceptional results, with a class one uniform grind with very low grind retention, then the EK43 is probably what you are looking for.

This is fitted with the smaller hopper size making it a lot easier to use and fit in smaller spaces.

Due to downsizing our coffee operation and moving to more of a food-led environment we're looking to sell our EK43T. We used this for filter and guest espresso along with decaf (until we purchased a second Mythos One for Decaf in September 2019). The T has the turkish burrs and is able to produce incredible fine grounds.

This grinder was purchased from Square Mile Coffee when the coffeehouse was opening in September 2017. A machine of this calibre deserves to be on centre display in more of a coffee led environment.

The EK43T is suitable for a wide range of grind including Turkish, espresso and some filter as well as working extremely well as a cupping grinder. The EK43 delivers solid uniformity across it's grind size, to the extent you will notice a considerable difference in the cup in terms of the level of solids extracted from your coffee.

The Turkish burrs on this version allow you to go considerably finer than the standard coffee burrs. Depending on the machine you are using for espresso, you may need Turkish burrs to go fine enough for your needs.

The Mahlkonig EK43 delivers on looks, is amazingly well built, but most importantly provides amazing grind quality. If you’re looking for an on demand grinder for precise espresso and / or brew methods, this may be is as good as it gets.

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£1500 incl VAT ono GBP

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