Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions when using United Baristas Market

Fair use

The purpose of United Baristas Market is to safely and better facilitate the buying and selling items within the coffee industry. Baristas of all levels are welcome. All users’ activity on United Baristas Market should support this purpose and not distract or hinder other users from using the service for this purpose. United Baristas reserves the right to amend, delete and ban users and their listings and content at any time, at our discretion and without prior notice. United Baristas decision is final. United Baristas general terms also apply.

Terms and conditions of sale

United Baristas

United Baristas Market is a service provided by United Baristas. United Baristas terms and conditions of sale apply.

Taxes on digital products

United Kingdom VAT is applied to purchases to

  • UK consumers and businesses
  • EU consumers

Services are sold without VAT for:

  • EU companies with EU VAT registration 
  • Consumers and businesses outside the UK & EU

EU businesses that opt for no VAT must add their tax id in their Market account.

Taxes on physical products

United Kingdom VAT is applied to relevant purchases.

Product changes

United Baristas reserves the right to revise the scope, function, and duration or discontinue products without notice and at any time. 

Price Increases

United Baristas reserves the right to update charges for active subscriptions in line with the UK retail price index.

At least 10 working days’ notice will be provided to current subscribers.


You are able to cancel your Market order, current subscription or listing at any time. Cancellations can be made from your Account.

Cancelling a subscription will prevent its forthcoming renewal, at which time access to any products or pages your subscription grants you access will cease. Please cancel at least 24 hours before your renewal to prevent your subscription being renewed.

Current product range

If your product or subscription lapses, expires or is concluded, you will have the option to purchase again or renew from the current range of products. 

For example if you benefit from a legacy product or pricing, it is not be possible to return to this product if it is not part of the current product range. 


We are not able to issue refunds for digital orders and Equipment Store commercial orders.


United Baristas reserves the right to remove listings and/or accounts at our discretion that are inappropriate, uncivil, exhibiting illegal intent or behaviour, in breach of our terms and conditions, or dormant. 


Expired Marketplace listings are periodically deleted. The period from expiry to deletion depends on the maintenance cycle and your listing plan. Download any information or assets you may require upon expiry as deleted information cannot be recovered.


Accounts that have been inactive for 36 consecutive months are define as dormant. Dormant accounts may be deleted at which time existing products, subscriptions, and access associated with the account will also be removed or revoked.

It is not possible to reinstate products, access or information from deleted accounts. 

United Baristas Equipment Store

United Baristas Store terms and conditions of sale also apply to purchases through United Baristas Equipment Store, both through the online platform or arranged in person.

We are currently only able to ship most items to UK physical addresses.

Equipment Store warranties

Items are sold with a limited-term warranty to provide assurance that products are sold in new working condition and free from mechanical or electrical faults. Warranties specifically do not cover issues stemming from use, misuse, neglect, damage or accident. Examples include wear and tear components such as gaskets, solenoid valves and switches as well as parts failure due to factors such as poor water filtration, insufficient cleaning and breakages due to improper handling. Some brands require products to be registered to activate the warranty, details are in relevant product’s manual.

Personal Information

When you purchase items in our online shop, we gather information about you to process and fulfil your order. This information is gathered, stored and shared in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Payment & finance

for payments processed by Stripe

United Baristas does not store your debit or credit card information. If you opt to store your card details at checkout they are securely stored on Stripe’s servers. Please be aware that transactions are subject to Stripe’s terms and conditions and that Stripe may collect and store personal information about you. For information on Stripe’s terms and privacy policy, please refer to their website. Apple Pay and Google Pay payment processed on Stripe’s services and are subject to Stripe’s terms as well as Apple’s and Google’s terms and policies.

for financing processed by Mondu

Transactions are subject to Mondu GmbH’s terms and conditions and Mondu GmbH may collect and store personal information about you. For information on Mondu GmbH’s terms and privacy policy, please refer to their website.

General terms and conditions

By using United Baristas, you agree to be bound by to the general terms and conditions of use. These terms include how we can use the content you provide us, your obligations to ensure the accuracy of the content, the use of copyrighted material and limitations.