Introducing Trustshare escrow

Buying and selling safely on United Baristas Market

Let’s keep the coffee community safe

Always buy and sell securely on United Baristas Market

  • Don’t pay strangers insecurely
  • Use the secure payment escrow service Trustshare
  • Please rate our members of the community to establishment their trust
  • Report suspicious listings or users

The United Baristas community can now buy and sell more securely, across more locations and using multiple currencies with escrow specialists Trustshare.

To buy an item, the buyer pays into Trustshare’s independent trust account using bank transfer. The seller is notified that the funds are received and can ship the goods. When the buyer marks the goods as received, the funds are released into the sellers account.

About Trustshare

Trustshare is a London-based company founded in 2020 that specialises in escrow payment services. Being a UK-domiciled company they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, are GDPR compliant, use a regulated, banking institution so escrow funds are held in a secure client account.

Getting started

Selling with Trustshare on United Baristas Market

  • to enhance community safety and transparency all Basic listing automatically add Trustshare as a payment options. Your United Baristas account email is used as the email for receiving funds via Trustshare
  • Featured and Promoted listings can opt to have Trustshare payments sent to another email (handy if you already have a Trustshare account) or removed from the listing
  • when an payment is made for your item, Trustshare will email you the details
  • add your bank account details at Trustshare for payout

Once your Trustshare account is set up, you can readily receive future payouts.

To buy using Trustshare

  1. Make the payment via bank transfer or open banking
    (you can also a credit or debit card on payments under £/€/$ 1000)
  2. Mark the transaction as complete in Trustshare once you have received the item to release the funds to the seller


Trustshare escrow costs are shown before purchase and vary between 0.625% and 0.975% of the transaction’s value for each party (with a minimum fee of £/€/$4.25).


For most buyers and sellers Trustshare is the more secure and cheapest escrow option. Trustshare offers escrow for all currencies supported on United Baristas Market.

Sell Securely

Add your item to United Baristas Market and offer the Trustshare payment option.

Buy Safely

Items for sale on United Baristas Market offering Trustshare have a ‘Buy with Trustshare’ button in the payment section.