Verified Market Stalls

The verified mark gives buyers additional confidence in the seller

Introducing verified Market Stalls

When a Market Stall is verified it is:

  • a confirmed trading style
  • of an active, registered UK or EU company

This gives buyers additional assurance that their activity on United Baristas Market is legitimate and that buyers can benefit from the protections that come with buying from a registered company.

Some Verified Market Stalls

Coffee Machine service Company
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Espresso Fix

Market Stalls
Fixing since 2009. Espresso Fix is the leading independent espresso machine service company
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Home Institute

Market Stalls
Homewares for contemporary life
Verified Stall Learn more

Origin Coffee

Market Stalls
Verified Stall Learn more

The benefits of buying from an established coffee business

As a buyer your rights may vary when buying new and used items depending on whether you are acting as an individual or a company and whether the seller is acting in an individual capacity or company.

For example in the UK, the Consumer Rights Act and the Consumer Contracts Regulations provide additional obligations on companies when selling used items and grant additional rights to individuals when buying.

When buying from a verified Market Stall you can be assured that you are dealing with a representative of the relevant, register business.

What about buying from Market Stalls that are not verified?

Many baristas and coffee people use United Baristas Market to buy and sell coffee-related items. Since verification is only open to established, registered companies inside the UK or EU – all individuals and new companies are not eligible.

The purpose of verification is to further establish the legitimacy of the Market Stall. When buying from all sellers on United Baristas Market you should buy and sell safely and make use of protections such as Paylax.

How do I get my Market Stall verified?

If you are an established UK or EU registered company with an active Market Stall subscription on United Baristas Market you can apply to be verified.

Please contact support:

  • using an email from a domain that represents the relevant trading style of the Market Stall
  • your United Baristas Market account email must be from the same domain – please contact us first to get this updated, if necessary
  • provide your full company name, registration number and country of registration

Additional requirements:

  • active, registered company
  • with at least one set of publicly available, annual accounts filed with the appropriate national body
  • and an active Market Stall subscription with an accurate and up-to-date Market Stall

At present there is no fee to apply for verification.

If approved, your Market Stall will be verified as long as your Market Stall trading style stays relevant and your company remains active and up-to-date.

Feedback and reviews

Like all Market Members and Market Stalls, verified Market Stalls can be reviewed by other United Baristas Market users.

Please continue to rate and review verified Market Stalls as their performance can vary like all users.

Reporting verified Market Stalls

United Baristas periodically re-checks verified Market Stalls. If you become aware of a verified Market Stall with either:

  • a significant change of ownership in the trading style, or
  • the company is no longer active, for example it is being liquidated, in administration, struck off or closed

please contact United Baristas support with the relevant information so we can promptly review their verified Market Stall status.

Browse verified Market Stalls

Verification is another way United Baristas is working to better connect buyers with sellers from across the coffee community on United Baristas Market.