Buying & Selling Safely

United Baristas Market introduces new ways to buy and sell safely

Let’s keep the coffee community safe

Always buy and sell securely on United Baristas Market

  • Don’t pay strangers insecurely
  • Use the secure payment escrow service Paylax or benefit from PayPal’s buyer protections
  • Please rate our members of the community to establishment their trust
  • Report suspicious listings or users

Payment options

United Baristas Market makes it possible for the wider coffee community to buy and sell anything coffee-related. Sellers can now offer buyers a variety of payment options. The most suitable and secure depends on the purchasing circumstance and product type.

Meeting face-to-face

When buyer and seller are meeting face-to-face to exchange the item, it may make sense for the buyer and seller to agree to

  • payment on collection
  • cash on delivery

When meeting to exchange goods and payment, each party can check the goods are as described and that the funds are in order.

Established companies selling & business to business sales

Coffee companies can use United Baristas Market to advertise their products and services. In this case it may be suitable for you to make the transaction off United Baristas Market directly with the company via:

  • bank payment
  • payment on their website

United Baristas strongly advises buyers to check the veracity of listings and companies for entering into agreements and making payment for goods or services. These payment methods are typically better when buying from a business as companies have additional obligations that provide buyers will additional legal protections, compared to when they buy from an individual.

PayPal is ideal for lower-value peer-to-peer sales

There are a number of peer-to-peer payment services, including PayPal which provides additional buyer and seller protections as part of their service fee.

Fees are typically paid by the seller and can be high for larger value transactions. As the buyer you can always offer to part-pay the PayPal fees to provide yourself with additional protections.

Paylax ideal for higher-value sales

To enable buyers and sellers who do not know each other to buy and sell securely, we introduce Paylax escrow. This financially regulated service holds the funds in escrow and pays out when the buyer marks the transaction as complete. As well as being even more secure and easier to use than its predecessor (the payment escrow service), Paylax is typically cheaper and allows buyers and sellers to work out how to split the cost of the service amongst themselves. Paylax is recommended by United Baristas as the most safe and secure payment option for most transactions.

Introducing Paylax escrow

The United Baristas community can now buy and sell more securely, across more locations and using multiple currencies with escrow specialists Paylax.

To buy an item, the buyer pays into Paylax’s independent trust account using their debit or credit card. The seller is notified that the funds are received and can ship the goods. When the buyer marks the goods as received, the funds are released into the sellers account.

Getting started

To offer Paylax on your United Baristas Market listing

  1. enter the email address you want to receive Paylax notifications in the listing (this can be the same or different to your United Baristas account email)
  2. when an offer is made on your item, Paylax will email you the offer
  3. accept or reject the offer
  4. add your bank account details for payout

Once your Paylax account is set up, you can readily receive future payouts.

To buy using Paylax

  1. Make an offer
  2. Make payment using your debit or credit card
  3. Mark the transaction as complete once you have received the item


Paylax escrow costs are shown before purchase on the listing page and are typically up to 1% of the transaction’s value for each party.

Buyers and sellers can opt to:

  • Equally split the escrow fee
  • Buyer to pay the escrow fee
  • Seller to pay the escrow fee

There are no United Baristas Market fees to sell or buy using Paylax.


For most buyers and sellers Paylax is the more secure and cheapest escrow option. Paylax offers escrow for all currencies supported on United Baristas Market, but there are some limitations to some functions most notably that one of the parties much be domiciled in the UK, EU or Switzerland.