Create specific searches on United Baristas Market by piecing together these fragments to make your specific requirements

When performing searches United Baristas Market finds and orders listings using a range of parameters.

To make common searches easier, United Baristas Market has advanced filters in key categories, such as espresso machines.

Advanced users can create specific searches using any combination of the various parameters used on United Baristas Market.

These fragment are designed to introduce you to the principles and provide specific examples so you can compound fragments to create specific searches.

Once you have created a search, you can also create a notification so that new listings matching this specific triggers an alert.

The parameters are flexible and powerful. For example, you can create searches and notifications for:

To create these searches you need to understand how parameters of location, category and attributes work – and how they can be used together.

Searching by Location

You can create searches using either coordinates or a location such as a city or county. Searches using coordinates are a little more complicated but better as they don’t rely on sellers accurately entering information.

Latitude & Longitude

Listings are automatically geocoded so you can search United Baristas Market by coordinates and radius.

Example: Items for sale in London

When you make a location based search on United Baristas Market results are specified using the latitude and longitude of the search location and limited to listings within a specific radius.

The search for all items for sale in London is:


Refine and order by Category

You can refine searches by category and sub-category.

For example, coffee making equipment for sale in

Espresso Machines