Compak PK100

Product Summary Output

98 mm ⌀ burrs • 900 rpm • 500 W motor • Hopper or Single Dose versions

Coffee Equipment Item

  • Shop
  • Single Dose

Grinder Specifications

Grinder Use
  • Espresso
  • Filter
  • Retail
  • 98 mm

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The PK100 is a multipurpose grinder, specially designed for all types of brewing. The single Dose cupping system and the extremely low coffee retention allow for the full spectrum of grind size and brewing methods with a single grinder.

Blind Burrs

High extraction yield burrs

  • 98 mm blind burrs
  • Special high-strength steel K110, up to 9.000kg burr life
  • Ideal for specialty coffee
  • Better particle distribution
  • Less accumulation of ground coffee waste

900 RPM Slow Cold Grinding

High extraction yield burrs

  • Working speed: burrs at 900 rpm
  • 500W motor
  • Double ventilation system

Hands Free

  • Universal fork for ( dosing cup) and portafilter
  • Possibility of placing a coffee bag
  • Lever knocker for reduced coffee retention
  • Convenient Grind push activation button
  • Placing a coffee bag

Static Reducing Clump Breaking

  • Our PK grinders reduce static and eliminate clumping
  • Zero waste

Double Precision Dial


  • The spring loaded holster can accommodate both portafilters or different size cups for varying dose sizes

Adaptive Exit

• Adjust dose sizes

Grind by Dose

  • Ergonomic system
  • 100% aluminium
  • Single Dose cup- capacity 55 g ± 5g

PK100 options

  • Hopper 750gr
  • Aluminium Single Dose cup

Key specifications

Motor output 500 W
Revolutions per minute 900 rpm
Ø Burrs 98 mm
Espresso per point production 5,5 g
Production per second Filter 10 g
Recommended Kg/week +20
Burrs durability 9.000 Kg
Burrs material Steel K110
Grind Adjustment Micrometric
Single Dose capacity 60 g
Hopper capacity 750 g
Height x width x depth 622 x 252 x 328 mm
Net weight 25,4 Kg

Equipment Store

Compak PK100

£2,800.00 + VAT, if any

Exploring and grading coffee.

Use the PK100 to explore coffee. The extremely low retention design allows you to switch from coffee to coffee and easily change the grind size. The 98 mm burrs rotate at just 900 rpm to achieve filter grinds in ~5.5 seconds and the finer espresso doses in around 10 seconds.

The shop version comes with a 700 gram capacity hopper and bag clip so you can use it either for both cupping, brewing and retail. However, if you primarily want to grind coffee for customers check out the Compak retail grinders. Our favourite PK100 version is the Single Dose which is ideal for cupping, it has open collar and comes with a dosing cup.

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Compak PK100

Grinder Catalogue
98 mm ⌀ burrs • 900 rpm • 500 W motor • Hopper or Single Dose versions
  • Shop
  • Single Dose

Product Options

For specific information refer to the latest product brochure on the product information page. Both Single Dose (sometimes called Lab) and Shop versions are typically factory order and will be shipped to the UK on the next factory shipment from Spain.

Finance Options

Credit terms and monthly instalments are available for this product

Select a finance option at checkout to explore the finance options available for your company.

  • 60 days interest free payment terms are ideal for when you are upgrading equipment and want to sell your existing equipment on Marketplace to help fund your new equipment
  • or opt to finance equipment over 3, 6 or 12 months 

An overview of our coffee equipment finance options is available at United Baristas Finance and specific options and the best rates for your company are shown at checkout. United Baristas does not offer consumer finance.

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Care & Maintenance


All grinders should be regularly cleaned to prevent build-up of grounds in the burrs and chamber. This is typically done in-house as part of the shutdown procedure. Cleaning your grinder both improves the quality of your coffee and helps prevent wear.

Product Information

Specific care and maintenance information is available for this product. To view videos and documentation, follow the product link on the Product Information section.

Maintenance & Service

With use, the burrs eventually lose their sharp edge becoming blunt. Replacement burrs are readily available and can be installed in-house by someone with moderate training or by an engineer as part of a service visit.

Compak Engineers

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Carbon Footprint

Embodied carbon

United Baristas is establishing a programme to address the embodied carbon in the products we sell. We’ll update this section when the programme is launched. Your purchase of this product will be included in the programme and helps us to start this initiative. Thanks for your support.

Carbon emissions from use

Usage is the greatest cause of a product’s carbon footprint across all stages of its life from manufacture to disposal. There’s a tendency not to consider these emissions if the primary focus is on cutting waste. However, in 2022, approximately 182 grams of CO2e were emitted for every kWh generated in the United Kingdom. Shifts to renewable and nuclear generation, we well as the phasing out of coal and gas generation, will reduce the carbon intensity of electricity over time.

You can lower your electricity consumption and carbon emissions by both purchasing energy-efficient coffee equipment and using energy-efficient practices. More information is available on United Baristas.

Maintaining equipment

You can lower the carbon footprint of this product by keeping it in working condition and prolonging its working life. You can source parts and find engineering services on United Baristas Market. From a carbon reduction perspective, it makes sense to upgrade when a new product’s efficiency is great enough to outweigh the embodied carbon within several years.

End of life

As many components can be recycled and precious metal recovered, dispose of this product responsibly and do not discard in general waste. Further information is available in the product’s manual.

Repair, Reuse, Recycle

Repair & maintenance

Parts for this product are readily available and can be replaced. Minimise wear with regular care and maintain programme. Basic care and maintenance should be carried out in-house, as well as the replacement of some parts. Regular servicing and the replacement of electrical or boiler components can be performed by an engineer.


Aim to maximise the working life of all coffee-making equipment. If you should no longer have need for this item, sell it to another barista or coffee company on United Baristas Marketplace.


At end of life many of the components can be recycled. Dispose of this product responsibly and do not discard in general waste. Specific information is available in the product’s manual.

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