Upgrading to a Market Stall

Market Stalls are the best way to sell your wares on United Baristas Market

Upgrading to a Market Stall

This information is specifically for ‘Market Members’ who want to upgrade their United Baristas Market account to a Market Stall.

⚠︎ If you’ve signed up to United Baristas Market but are yet to set up a profile, then you’re currently a ‘user’ and can set up your Market Stall by logging in to your account, clicking ‘set up profile’ and selecting a Market Stall.

1. Register for a Market Stall

2. Contact Support to upgrade

Once you have ordered your Market Stall, please contact support, including:

  • account United Baristas account email
  • order number
  • current Market Member name

Support can also quickly help set up your Market Stall, so please let us know if you want to update your:

Support will upgrade your account, move your profile to Market Stalls and grant to access to Market Stall functions and benefits. Please note it typically takes one – two working days to manually upgrade accounts.

Support will email you when you account has been upgraded to a Market Stall.

3. Set up your Market Stall

You can know set up your Market Stall and post new listings:

To add new listings: